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Advanced Interactive Response Systems (AIRS)

AIRS’ is FDA registered and positioned as the respiratory provider of oxygen safety and data collection in oxygen delivery. AIRS’ has patent protected products for oxygen delivery systems including oxygen tanks, bulk, liquid, home concentrators and portable oxygen systems.

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AIRS Oxygen Monitoring Solutions

There are over 320 million COPD patients in the world—including chronic respiratory conditions—who often need oxygen therapy as part of their treatment. Advanced Interactive Response Systems (AIRS) was founded to bring needed oxygen monitoring, regulation, data and reporting solutions to the market.

The Moisture Exchange Tubing is the first portable humidifier. It provides 6 months of humidification and is perfect for active supplemental oxygen users on the move. Find out more about the AIRS Moisture Exchange Tubing.

The Oxygen Flow Monitor remotely monitors the oxygen supply and the user. This device tracks the oxygen user's SpO2, pulse, oxygen flow, tank status and battery levels. Find out more about the AIRS Oxygen Flow Monitor.

The AIRS Mobile App is designed to fit the needs for both the caregivers and the oxygen users. It helps ensure the proper amount of oxygen is being delivered. Find out more about the AIRS Mobile App.

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AIRS was founded to bring needed oxygen monitoring, regulation, data, and reporting solutions to the market. We can't do it alone though. It's through our investor network, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and healthcare partners that we can make the real impact we are committed to.

If you are an investor, medical device manufacturer, or distributor and want to learn more about AIRS. Please check out our company site.

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