About AIRS

Advanced Interactive Response Systems (AIRS) is focused on bringing new innovative solutions to oxygen therapy. AIRS was started by a registered respiratory therapist that seen many issues surrounding the delivery of supplemental oxygen. Innovative prototypes were developed, and AIRS was founded when our first patent issued. AIRS has multiple patents and plans on bringing a new line of oxygen solutions to market.

AIRS is excited to announce the launch of the Moisture Exchange Nasal Cannula (MENC). This nasal cannula can humidify the oxygen without water. It is a clean and portal solution to oxygen humidification. The nasal prongs are soft for the user’s comfort. The universal end attaches to standard oxygen equipment and help prevents disconnection.    

We look forward to brining to new digital health line of products. AIRS is working to bring the Oxygen Flow Monitor (OFM) as their next product to market. This device monitors the oxygen flow and users SpO2 and heart rate. The OFM can track and trend data with the AIRS app. The user can assign viewing and notifications to be sent to caregivers.

Our mission is to provide oxygen users, caregivers and suppliers with products that will improve oxygen patient’s care and quality of life. Please continue to visit our website for more updates on AIRS progress. We will try to other a variety of resources for oxygen users.